BENEFITS Of Martial Arts


An often missed aspect of martial arts training is learning better spacial awareness, balance and learning to use both sides of your body more effectively and in unison. Got a weak side? Equalise and unify!

Energy Arts (chi )

Chi is bioenergy, the spark of electricity that runs your nervous system, your thoughts are tint electrical currents.Oft times thought as a mystical and obscure concept, Charlie and others have made the practice of chi in martial arts reasonable and practical. It has been described as 'the inner fire'.

Video below: Charlie breaking a London house brick, by the 'half break' method.

Be  Confident amidst violence

Self defence starts with eye contact and street knowledge, and COMMON SENSE. Learn every aspect of controntation upto actual physical combat and mindal domination techniques. 

Better Immunity/Health

Martial arts is a holistic exercise, with meditation and chi gung added it helps both the mind, the body and the control and consequent health of both. By learning to go beyond your own limits and developing an extra ' gear' so your body will be able to go the extra mile.

Find Balance

React to situations appropriately, reduce panic, have discipline.

100% no tools required

A correct martial attiude starts with the mind, this mind then enables the use of any objects or tools utilising principles.

Charlie does not often teach, but he might if you ask him nicely.

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