My second book came as a result of years of martial arts training and meditation, I wanted to share with the world this simple way of accessing your mind body connection which had saved me in so many ways in life, and make known and most importantly demystify what has been made secret and inaccessible to all but those with money and position in the world.  


The Energy Arts Holistic Energy/Meditation/Breathing For Health/Martial arts/Life.


"The energy arts techniques are based upon un-complex ancient teachings which have since been adopted and complicated by belief systems, commercialisation and other traditions and limited to techniques rather than the founding principles of : Taoist breathing Qi Gong Yogic breathing The energy arts taught are non mystical.


This means is not attached to a belief system.Whether you are a Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Atheist, humanist, wiccan, taoist etc . . .If you are human this will work. It is Technique. It is Not:

-A life improvement course.

-Finding out who you are.

-A cult.


It most likely Will improve your life and help you find youself but thats incidental to the meditation. It just Happens as a result of practice. It is Not Supernatural in any sense. This is learning harnessing and more consciously directing Natural processes of the body."



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